Teaching with Smarphones

This article deals with using hand held devices such as smartphones or cellphones as teaching tools in the classroom. The teacher who wrote this article decided to test out the theory of using cell phones in the classroom as educational learning tools. All of his students had some type of smartphone device that they had know. He tried to make the students enjoy using their smartphone devices by using “in class polling” and “in class backchanneling” as part of the lesson plan and activities they did in class. This was a great way for students to learn and interact with one another. He also had the students read articles off of their smartphone devices that they needed in order to move on in the lesson plan with. One of the best uses he found for students using their smartphone devices was doing research. This teacher also had the students use google quite often for their assignments and other activities. Having the students use smartphones really helped the students learn the information that was presented to them very well. Using smartphones also helped the teacher tremendously for the activities done in class.

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I think this is a very neat article that has good information on why to use smartphone devices in the classroom and I agree with what is being said. I belive it is very important to have technology in the classroom and I believe it truly helps the students learn much better. This day in age using technology in the classroom is a must and it also helps educators find new ways to help teach every student. As more and more school years go on there will be more and more technology involved in the classroom that students and educators will have to know how to use and understand.

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue of using smartphone devices in the classroom will help my teaching practice. As said before I think it is very important to have technology in the classroom and it also helps the students feel more comfortable learning the information presented to them. I will really enjoy using technology in the classroom as it will help me with lesson plans and activities in the classroom. Using technology such as smartphones will help me to become a better educator too. I will always use technology in the classroom which will help the students in their future careers.