Student-run Tech Support Programs Advance at the Speed of Technology

This article is like many of the other articles involving technology in the classroom. This article is saying that technology needs to be used in the classroom since students theses days understand technology so much more than students that went to school 20 years ago. Students understand technology more than most teachers do, especially a lot more than the teachers that are close to retiring. Many teachers like to do things the old way which involves less technology or no technology at all. This article is stating a new way of teaching in the classroom. This new way would involve a new type of technology that would be used by both the students and the teacher. This would be a system in which both the teacher and the students do the lesson plan together and help teach one another to stand the material. The teacher would help teach the lesson plan with the students finding new ways of teaching it with technology. This way both the teacher and the student both benefit and both learn something.

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I believe in what this article says and I totally agree with what it has to say. I believe that technology needs to be used in the classroom, especially this day in age where technology is pretty much used for everything now. I do believe that teachers need to understand technology more and use it more in the classroom. I think this would be a great system that would benefit both the teacher and the students. It’s a win, win situation and there is only good that could come out of this. I believe this is a great technique to be used in the classroom.

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

I think this issue will help my teaching practice for many reasons. I am a person who believes as a future educator that technology needs to be more involved in the classroom for both the student’s and teacher’s sake. Using technology will help the teachers become better educators and help the students understand the learning material a lot more. Having a system in which they both help each other with the lesson and help each other understand what they’re working on, this is only going to be a good thing. This article will most deffinitely help me with being a future educator.