Tips for Tech-Cautious Teachers

This article involves using technology in the classroom at any level. It talks about how we as educators need to start using more and more technological devices for in the classrooms for our students to feel more comfortably learning. This day in age everything evolves around technology and students that are even in elementary are starting to understand technology and how to use it in their everyday lives. As teachers we also need to get out of our comfort zone and start experimenting with new technology and start doing new activities for our students to have the best education they can have possible. The days of using scantrons and written test are over. Students learn best with technology these days and especially hand-held devices whether they are from home or given to them from the school.

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I like this article and I fully agree with what it has to say. I believe that we do need to have technology in the classroom and get rid of the old school way such as scantrons. As said before it’s very important that we have technology in the classrooms whether it’s using a computer or a hand-held device brought from home or given to the student by the school. A big concern this day in age is that the students feel comfortable learning and feel comfortable with in their learning environment. Students are more likely to learn better with technology more than if there wasn’t technology involved. Using the hand-held devices help the students to learn better.

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue will help me a lot through my teaching career and especially when I began my teaching career. I believe that technology needs to be used in the classroom every single day of the school year. As said before technology is being used more and more whether it’s at the elementary level or the high school level. I will also be doing a lot of experimenting with hand-held devices whether they are brought in by the students from their homes or given to them by me. We will also be doing many different learning activities so all students will be able to learn and do so in a comfortable environment. Technology is the best way for students to learn and the only way to teach from here on out.