Some Schools Actually Want Students To Play With Their Smartphones In Class

This article involves the use of handheld devices in the classroom. A middle school in New Hampshire has been letting their students use their touch-screen devices in class for three years. They learn how to make presentations, how to keep track of their homework, and what they should and shouldn’t post on social media sites. Their devices can be their planners, agenda books, and pocket reference libraries all day long. They can bring their own devices from home and if the student does not personally own a touch-screen device, the school will provide one for them. They had one concern involving the school’s network if it’s secure and well-filtered. Also if kids take and share inappropriate pictures along with if the touch-screen devices will be a distraction. This article also states that there is no going back to the old days and everything in the classroom involves technology and will be for the future.

What is your opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I personally like this article and agree with what this middle school is doing. I believe that schools should allow students to bring their touch-screen devices to class and like this school did, show them how to use their touch-screen devices for educational purposes. I believe that this day in age technology needs to be used at all levels of education especially with technology being used in everyday situations. With students using technology this will help them in their future whether it’s for school or their careers. I also liked how that if the student didn’t personally own a touch-screen device the school would provide. With the way the economy is not every student can afford to have a touch-screen device, the school can provide one and everyone can participate and learn.

How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue will help me as a teacher. I will make sure that we use technology a lot in my classroom so I can help prepare my students for their future studies and future career paths. I want my students to learn how to use their devices for educational purposes and not have it be a distraction in the classroom. Using technology in the classroom is a very good thing and helps both me as a teacher and the students. I will also try to encourage other teachers to use technology and students to also use it in their everyday lives to accomplish their daily tasks.