In BYOT It’s the Y and O That Matters

This article contains information based on students bringing their own hand-held technology devices into school with them. A fourth and fifth grade teacher told all his students that were sitting in the cafeteria during lunch that he would allow them to bring in their own handheld games for inside recess when the weather was not permitting outside. The teacher was a little indecisive when making the choice, but he understood that the students wanted to use their handheld devices that they use at home. He wanted the students to use their own imagination but also understood the school can provide both opportunities for students to use technology and their own imagination. He feels that technology brought home from students, has positive potential in the classroom.

What is your
opinion of the issue in the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I like the article and what the teacher is attempting to do. He has a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy toward students using handheld devices. I don’t agree with what he did though. I don’t believe letting elementary students using technological handheld devices from home will help them in any way at school. This will have them unfocused and they will not want to do their schoolwork at all. I believe it’s to early at the elementary level to have students using handheld devices and games at school. This is just a distraction and will not help them in their pursuit of getting an education. I think it would be alright at the junior high level or high school level to use handheld devices because they would be used for educational purposes and not for anything like indoor recess. The teacher has the right idea, but needs to put it more towards an education purpose and not for indoor recess.

How will the
issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue will help my teaching practice because what I have taken from this article is to use handheld devices, but not from home or at the elementary level. I will use handheld devices, but I will make sure that they are provided by the school and not by the students. I believe technology in education is very important and crucial to the student’s education pursuit, especially in today’s world where there is technology everywhere. There is more and more technological devices being used in the classroom and there will be more as time goes on.